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Responsibilities Key

Responsibilities Key

Responsibilities Key

• Key member of all important ‘s community festivals & conferences, Which includes VIP’s from domestic & international community; such as Kuwait, Syria, Yemen, & Libyan ambassadors.

• Keep & maintain relationship with ministries, government bodies, organizations, companies & businessmen.

• Analyze donors feedback.

• Set plans for team works on how to achieve maximum donations.

• Set & develop advertisements, marketing plans , projects’ materials; ways of donations, how to donate & how to contact us.
Tips in this part:

• Start by writing another function worked or still work for them, then the previous job, in the sense that it will be above the latest followed by the oldest at the bottom.

• Do not remember all the jobs that have worked out in your life, because that will increase the number of pages CV leading to boredom than read it , but focused more on – associated functions and function that apply to them. Also focused on the key responsibilities and capabilities in Your jobs, does not mention Alvraeiat.

In case if you’ve got the training in one of the companies or institutions, such as training for a month or three months or more or less in a bank or construction or engineering companies or any other places companies, YOU MUST mentioned after the operation experiences.

An example for clarification:

• Egypt Airlines

Trained on: Networks, the Exchange Telephone, Tower Antennas for Communication.

• Arab Contractors (Osman Ahmed Osman)

Trained on: Mobil’s the Systems, the Base Station Antennas and Mobil of the Systems.
But since you do not have practical experience, where you are a recent graduate you ‘ll start to education and certificates obtained by:
Education / Certifications
– Business Correspondences & Reports Writing.

– Presentation Skills

– Effective Human Relationships (Dale Carnegie)

– How to Plan & Set Training Needs.

– Supervision Management.

– Effective Communication Skills.

– Emotional Intelligence. Workshop

– Convince the Clients. Workshop

– Building Team Work. Workshop

– Secrets Secrets of Strategic Marketing.

• Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering. 1996: 1999
Bachelor of Telecommunications Engineering. Grade: good

prefers to write next to each session where the session was held by its history and, if possible.
Part V: Computer skills
will write the programs that you speak and the proportion of mastery , if possible ,
Computer Skills

• the Microsoft Certified the Systems Administrator (MCSA). Good Very

• the Microsoft Certified the Systems Engineer (MCSE). Good

• the Microsoft operating systems XP & Vista. A Excellent

• Ms Word – Ms Excel – Ms PowerPoint. Very Good

VI: language skills

will be written in every language spoken by all, with your proficiency with the language, arranged from the highest degree of proficiency to a lesser degree of knowledge.

Languages Skills

• Arabic: Native

• Chinese: Fluent

• English: A Excellent

• Italy: Very Good

• French: Good

• German: Fair
VII: community involvement or volunteer

many companies look at this partial into consideration because of their impact on the Advanced Personal of function in terms of a positive character, initiative, reaching out to help other people, has the spirit and the thought of teamwork, a sense of responsibility, experience in dealing with people anddifferent environments, want to identify the others, has the potential to be a human being an entrepreneur, energetic, capable of creativity, life experiences and the experiences of a larger, strong and open to the world and is a closed personality.
It will remind them where they volunteer it, and the nature of the activity that you do, and write the date of accession, if possible.
Involvement Community
Dar-Al Tarjama, volunteer in Translating books A & articles. 2007 – present
Life-Makers (Sonaa Al-Hayat), volunteer in teaching English. 2005 – present
Resala Foundation, volunteer in collecting clothes for the Needy. 2004 – present

VIII: personal data – Section II (which was not mentioned in the beginning of biography self)

Personal Data
• Date of Birth: January 24, 1983

• Place of Birth: Cairo – Egypt

• Nationality: Egyptian

• Military Status: Postponed

• Marital Status: Single

when you finish writing CV please save Word Word file or PDF Alpi in PDF format of the job you’re looking for your name and then write cv .

One of the researchers for the function name (Mohammad Ahmad) and looking for a job in the field (sales) Vsicom save Save the file as this body:
Sales – Mohamed Mohamed ‘s Ahmed cv

Another example: a

girl named (Mona Mahmoud) Searching for a job (engineer Communications) Vstketb :
Telecommunications Engineer – Mona Mahmoud cv

in case if you are unable to identify or know the job right for you, you should have several copies of the biography , each copy to post a proposed spin in your mind, for example: the

first version of CV ‘s function sales:
Sales – Mohamed Ahmed

second edition of CV ‘s and job employee customer service:
customer service Agent – Mohamed Mohamed ‘s Ahmed

third edition of CV ‘s and job employee customer service over the phone:
Call Center Agent – Mohamed Mohamed ‘s Ahmed

fourth version of the CV for a job assistant administrative affairs :
Admin Assistant – Mohamed Mohamed ‘s Ahmed

fifth version of the CV ‘s and job coordinator of personnel:
HR Coordinator – Mohamed Mohamed ‘s Ahmed

sixth edition of the biography of any function code is the company: (unpleasant)
any . job – Mohamed Mohamed ‘s Ahmed

points to look out for :

• try to choose a suitable name for your e- mails that you write a CV which corresponded by recruiters. When you receive a message from someone you do not know and then find that the e – mail name or comically ridiculous , you are not a good idea for that person. Examples are for men: ar Rush, brain, Pisces, Alabit examples … . It is so for Women: sweet, chocolate, my secrets, Bnoth … . These names are not suitable for official dealings. Than usual to your e- mail name derived from the name Profile is
• Example:
Mohamed Mohamed ‘s Ahmed
Sales Manager

Amana Trading Co

always Mark your writing concise, focused, direct, clear, strong.

Always start with the sentences that you type acts indicate the activity and the ability Example: established, trained, developed, established, planned, organized, supervised ….. eg
developed a filing system (Archive) hand to the letter, leading to completion work in 35% less time, and this has led to receive the largest number of customers by 27% , including approximately 50 customers a day.
• very , very important stated percentages and numbers at the mention of your achievements and abilities.

• Always focused on the positives, and Make the promotion of your ability, through your focus on the positive achievements Odatha during the period ofstudy and work, and your business volunteer within the community, and away from the negatives mentioned Kkhalav with your boss, or your score tuition low.

• Do not write subjects studied within the university or college.

• Do not wasting half a page to write your personal data, address, and Tlefonatk.

• Do not remember unnecessary details, which occupies a large part of your resume , such as hobbies and interests space, unless they are linked to Palfunction which apply to them.

• Do not use abbreviations for words, because it is not necessarily who reads your resume meaning of those abbreviations knows.
• If the graduation project related to PAL function required prefers mentioned

• The more years of experience , the less important male old detailed matters such as project graduation twenty years ago

• Look on the Internet Resumes for people working in the same field to be familiar with their writing style. Of course , do not move anything from abiography of someone else, but to know what to write and what not to write, and writing style, especially in English

• Some shortcuts do not need to explain because it is known to all , such as BSC, MSc, PhD.

• Keep in mind that each country has some of the different traditions in the writing of biography , If you know that something is usually writes or usually do not write the biography in the country who would like to work with , try to follow the custom

• Try updated CV from time to time adding new experiences and achievements.

• must allocate a portion of your time to write your resume, because it is the face to the company until the personal interview held Interview, so whenever made more of an effort to read the biographies are different, and the compilation of information and coordination, the better your chance to get jobs larger than the others, and I know that writing the biography haste, without organizing Sevkdk many career opportunities.

• It is well known not to increase the number of pages CV for young recent graduate from only one page. Those who have previous work experience isbetter not to attempt to increase the number of pages CV for two pages, and more important is the attention and focus on the important information contained in the CV more than address a number of pages.

• best biography should not exceed three pages and read it only hit of the bored.

• Be aware that a very large proportion of the officials of the recruitment companies do not read Seeratk self, but just take a quick look at it, and the most important thing they look him in the biography is the overall shape of your resume cv Layout, and career goal Objective
so be sure to have your CV Organization well organized , because it shows how your efficiency.

• Do not use colors in writing is black.

• Avoid spelling errors because it is fatal mistakes, try to write a biography of yourself, and do not leave someone else written on your behalf, and then play them back on the number of those around you in order to revise them from spelling errors, sometimes many do not notice your eyes are clerical errors, even though I read your resume on your own many times.

• Use a standard format for writing all sections CV , do not write the first section title in a large font and then the title of another section in small type, and writes the name and function in bold type, and the name and function of other normal handwriting, nor write history once on the right and once on the left

• Mark writing lines consistent, so that they are all the headlines of one line and one – size type, and also sub – headings are different in size, but a fixed line for each sub – headings. Also use a single line of type fixed in size for each sub – points will you list under the headings.

• Do not use shadows Ooktoot oblique, can be used bold Bold addresses and points of interest that need to be highlighted in your resume.

• Do not use the lines less than a size 12, and not more than 14 , but the size of your personal name at the beginning of CV could be the largest broad -line size, but is acceptable. Caps do not use capital letters only in the beginnings of sentences, and the first letter of your name, the name of the companies that worked out or no name was mentioned, and also positions or jobs, but that all letters become small letters lowercase including prepositions and tools language like for – the – on – of, unless they are in the first sentence is recorded great.

• Do not mention the word (I) final.

• Use sentences and words associated with the quality of the formulas function or area you want to work it.

• Be honest with yourself when Srdek your skills and abilities, you do not type anything and you know it ‘s not you.

• Do not put your photo on the CV once, but if the job you are applying to it stipulated to do so.

• In the case of a request to attach a photograph, you must be a recent photo Mhendmh, preferably clothing Classic, not casual, such as a suit or a suitable shirt and tie. For girls and women, you must avoid the image with exaggerated make – up, or inappropriate clothing, because the likelihood is very large that is why you get the job .

• is not a requirement to write your resume in English, some companies began to tend to accept Resumes in Arabic, and do not forget that you are an Arab, living in an Arab country, and most corporate employees are people who are Arabs, and mostly will receive your resume is an Arab. So it is not compulsory to be your CV in English, although it is still better to be in English.

• If you write your resume and saved in Word Word file, and you want to do them a copy PDF PDF, you just need access to the U Konfertt site, raise your resume, choose to convert the file to PDF format, and will be the site sends a message to your mail a link to remove him Resumes PDF format Alpi. The location is very simple and easy to use.

• When you write or print your resume , you must use only white backgrounds and white paper, and never use colored paper, or colored backgrounds.

• Do not send your resume with any pictures of the certificates, or documents obtained only if requested by you.

• must send a letter or an introductory presentation or introductory facility with your CV , which is called in English Cover Letter, has a paramount importance when many of the major private companies.

• possible to browse on the Internet ready to watch the different forms of self – functioning written by companies or individuals, the more I saw the more the closer your resume to be the finest, and competent, and the best chance to get the important functions.

in the center of the page there is a rectangle inside 6 forms of CVs is divided into three sections, a
novice Entry Level, vocational Mid-career Level, Executive Executive Level.There are several global positioning that will help you with tips on how to write a CV , all you have to do is to look for how to the write a cv.