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Dakahlia functions – functions Mansoura

Dakahlia functions – functions Mansoura

Functions required and teachers of all disciplines to work in the valley Language Schools Girls Mansoura
Function required an accountant to work in an Egyptian joint stock company in Mansoura
Grill jobs required workers for the popular restaurant chain in Mansoura
Functions required tissue engineers to work in a furniture factory Mansoura
Job Manager stores required to work in a furniture factory in Mansoura
Functions required sales representatives and marketing company to work manufacturing, printing and publicity and the announcement of Mansoura

Functions required 3d designers to work in manufacturing and printing company in Advertising in Mansoura
Functions required Dleafara delegates and supervisors to work in the pharmacies Abdul Latif Trashwba Mansoura
Functions required customer service supervisors to work in inter Fathallah Market in Mansoura
Functions required drivers and delegates to work in Mansoura
Required function technician mechanics modern cars to a major company cars Mansoura
Function required marketing manager for a large feed company in a dead Abu Khaled Dakahlia
Functions required Reps contracts followed sills to work in Arab Company for networks Mansoura
Functions required Mnadeb selling drivers for the company in Mansoura Faragllo