How to find job in Egypt

Process of writing resume and more

Guide to Get a Job in Egypt

CV Writing and Resume Guide

I. Introduction CV : Personal data: 1. Full name must be written and preferably put your name bigger than writing existing line in the rest of the file CV .

II. ways to communicate with you by e – mail or Telephone line or mobile (if you are an employee in a company and provides another company Hmari with aspecial email put Elly Lanta company currently is in).
2- career goal: ( The purpose of this progress to the job and seeing it) is one of the the most important molecules CV , as most companies consider thebeginning of this specifically at the point CV , and before reading any data of the applicant for the job , because if the applicant for the job realizes career goal looking for him, he is the first in his choice from among the applicants for the job . So public Targets written in partial career goal, you are considered awaste in getting many of the functions

example of a writing career goal correctly:

I expected to be a team player, professional, reliable, and playing an : active role in a multinational firm.

An example of the goal of writing a functional line:

Desire a challenging position in the field of computer utilities That my technical and professional experience and knowledge.
Simply aim the functional purpose of the company to learn that you understand the nature of the job Elly Lanta advanced to her guardian and owned in aline or two lines of features to make you the best for admission to these jobs .

III. The next section is the experience and qualifications possessed by the progress in these jobs : preferably have previous experience any worked in previous jobs similar to this the function that Aedoa these partial first thing in this part and then put their qualifications study courses and certificates and so on .

If you start to experience will be as follows:

first line: the date of the function to and from, then Job Title (eg for a job : Director of donations management)

second line: hand work – the city and the State in which the function

the third line: Going to explain to an employee hiring some useful information about this company in terms of the nature of its work, its size in the market, and the number of employees.

Fourth line: you will write things that you achieved and accomplished in this the function is called in English Key achievements, or Highlights, followed by job tasks for this position.
An example for clarification on this part:

Employment Employment History & Experience

October 2001 – Present: Fundraising Manager

Resala Foundation (Cairo, Egypt)

# 1 Leading foundation in Egypt in .giving hand to orphans & Needy people, based versions on 500 Employees & 25,000 volunteers of all ages.

Achievements Key:

• the Grow donations from 10,000 to EP 137 000 EP in 3 month time.

• Convinced Port Said Governor to expand the donation programs inside the governorate.

• Launched many marketing campaigns internationally, include Middle East.

• Achieved 35% discount on all advertisements .

• Won the deal to broadcast the children movies within the holy month of Ramadan after Iftar time for free.

• Participated in many public festivals; -Ahly Club al 2007, 2008 Semoha Club, Sporting ‘s Club 2008 & 2009. Concord Concord hotel
◦Awarded color : as manager of the year for 2008 in recognition of outstanding performance & Tactfully resolving by sensitive issues. Best employee in calming down irate customers.